Set No-10 HP GK Mixed

Set -10 HP GK Mixed

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Who was the first Mughal Quiladhar of Kangra?

कांगड़ा का प्रथम मुगल क़िलाधर कौन था?

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On conclusion of the Gurkha war, some parganas from Baghat was sold towhich state?

गोरखा युद्ध के समापन पर बघाट का कुछ परगना किस राज्य को बेच दिया गया था?

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Which of the following National Highway (New names) passes through Hamirpur?

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A Lahaul Contingent fought under the banner of whom in battle against Mandi?

मंडी के विरुद्ध युद्ध में लाहौल की एक टुकड़ी किसके बैनर तले लड़ी थी?

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Which of the following clan was associated with Bhimbar state?

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